Service Above Self – More than a Motto


The Rotary motto Service Above Self conveys the humanitarian spirit of the organization’s more than 1.2 million members. Strong fellowship among Rotarians and meaningful community and international service projects characterize Rotary worldwide.  Member Dr. Steve Esposito, Dentist, has put this motto into action.   He and other local professionals makes a medical/dental mission trip to Honduras in September 2011. 

Although this was not specifically a Rotary sponsored trip, it serves as an example of how we can all make a difference in this world to provide Service Above Self.  Dr. Esposito writes:

As American’s we live in a land of plenty and enjoy a high standard of living. However, many people living in neighboring countries are not so fortunate and this creates an opportunity for service. It never ceases to amaze me how a group of people who are strangers to each other-but have a common goal in mind to serve and help others-can come together and accomplish great things.